About this blog

While some call them data journalists, or innovative storytellers, some call them either programers with a keen sense of what is newsworthy or not, or stick to good old application developers.

The crux is that the world needs a new breed of journalists, one who can code and create applications for the evolving newsrooms of today. Traditional journalism, where reporters told stories in the two available forms — print or broadcast– is passé now.

Newsroom jargon is not the same any more either: editors want more page views, engagement level, shares and likes; and readers want to take in more information with less effort (and in less time). These new demands from journalists’ largest stakeholders have forced journalists to change the way they gathered information and presented them to readers.

New Age Storytelling.

With this blog, I hope to guide and help journalists, with compelling storytelling resources and programing basics, to prepare and adapt through this dynamic shift.